On September 9, a Declaration on the Establishment of the European Cluster Alliance was signed in Warsaw. Among the founders was Armands Lejas-Krūmiņš, a representative of the Latvian Cluster Network.

The foundation of the European Cluster Alliance took place at the international event “Regional and Economic
Diplomacy Summit” with the participation of representatives of the European Commission, EU governments and regional authorities. The European Cluster Alliance will represent the Clusters and cooperate professionally with the European Commission on Clusters
in policy development. As acknowledged by the representatives of the European Commission present at the event: Starting an organization is long awaited and will help improve the small and medium business support at EU and national and regional levels.

On July 1 this year, 13 leading Latvian clusters, including the Green-Tech Cluster, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on further cooperation in the development of clustering in Latvia and Europe by establishing the Latvian Cluster Network.
The integration of the Latvian Cluster Network into the European Cluster Alliance is an important step that will bring even more support to the companies in our cluster.