February 27-29 | 2024



February 27-29 | 2024

Discover the future of Greentech and Innovation in Liepaja!

StartInLiepāja creates new opportunities in technology and entrepreneurship, spotlights Liepaja’s role as a tech hub, and creates investment opportunities. Engage with founders and visionaries to discuss collaborative ventures, and be part of the transformative energy driving the next wave of tech advancements.

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About StartInLiepāja

About StartInLiepāja

Private investment is key to fostering innovation and supporting economic development, particularly in regions like Liepaja, which aims to become a Greentech and Industry center along the Baltic Sea. This goal highlights the need for a collaborative and open ecosystem where various stakeholders, including industries, startups, Liepaja City municipality, VCs, and NGOs, can engage, share insights, and work together. By building such an ecosystem, Liepaja can leverage its unique position to attract investment and talent, ultimately contributing to its growth and sustainability. This approach underlines the importance of community and strategic partnerships in achieving long-term success.

StartInLiepāja is the first step in building this ecosystem by facilitating discussions and new connections among investors, entrepreneurs, and other key players. It’s a practical step towards strengthening Liepaja’s entrepreneurial landscape and promoting its ambition to be a Greentech and Industry hub.

Join the tech dialogue, connect with industry experts, and explore potential collaborations!

While the first day is by invitation only, the highlight of StartInLiepāja is the “IT Waffle Meet Up: The Tech Pulse of Liepaja“. This event welcomes everyone interested and is open for public registration. IT The “Waffle Meet Up” features engaging discussions on Startups, IT trends, and the essence of Liepaja City.

VC’s in Liepaja

VC’s in Liepaja

Liis Hiie

Investment Associate at “Trind Ventures”

Jokubas Karnauskas

Analyst at “Baltic Sand Box Ventures”

Ekaterina Shiian

Head of Operations at “Baltic Sand Box Ventures”

Jana Budkovskaja

Chief Executive Officer at “Beamline Accelerator”

Kevin Chavanne

Venture Lead at “Tenity”

Mikk Orglaan

Business Advisor & Mentor

Aivars Baumanis

Investment Manager

Karol Gajewicz

CEO at Żabka Polska Venture Studio

Lauris Macijevskis

Partner at GravityHUB

Liene Gaspazina

CEO at Latvian American Chamber of Commerce

Nils Vilnis

CEO at KTK group

Sigvards Krongorns

Associate at Verge HealthTech Fund




Participation in this part of the event is by invitation only.

17:00 Welcome to Liepaja!
Arrive in Liepaja and get comfortable as you settle into the charming city. Brace yourself for the winds – it’s all part of the Liepaja experience!

18:30 Evening get-together
Join us for a laid-back evening filled with light dinner, networking, and insights into the local ecosystem. Get to know the exciting pitches from local startups and entrepreneurs:
Giraffe360 (Gints Sloka, CFO),
Global Wolf Motors (Klāvs Ašmanis, Founder),
Windtrade (Raivis Ekšteins, Founder),
Iron Haya (Reinis Trofimovs, Co-Founder),
Blue Shock Race (Artis Daugins, Founder),
Wellifai (Gints Reķēns, CEO and Co-Founder),
HackTribe (Kārlis Skuja, CEO and Founder).

Location: Green and Smart Technology Cluster,  Strautu 4.


Participation in this part of the event is by invitation only.

10:00 The Liepaja Opportunity
Discover the rich potential of Liepaja with a presentation from Liepaja City Council Vice-Mayor Salvis Roga.

Location: Liepaja City Council, Rozu 6.

11.00 Entering the Zone
Embark on a guided bus tour around the Liepaja Special Economic Zone while experiencing the city’s economic heartbeat with a pre-booked bus and guide.

13:00 Networking Lunch
Connect over a delicious networking lunch, courtesy of Liepaja City Council.

Location: Maestro Design Hotel and Restaurant, Juras 22.

14:00 Free time to explore the city
Use this break to wander around the city or attend urgent meetings.

17:30 Arrival at the IT Waffle Meet Up and networking
Get ready for an evening immersed in Liepaja’s vibrant tech ecosystem at the IT Waffle Meet Up! Start the evening by connecting with like-minded individuals and industry experts.

Location: Veca ostmala 40, Promenade Hotel, “Hika spīķeris”, 2nd floor.

IT Waffle Meet Up: The Tech Pulse of Liepaja

Embark on a journey into Liepaja’s tech scene at the IT Waffle Meet Up, an insightful evening of discussions on startups, IT, and the essence of Liepaja City!

Participation in this part of the event is OPEN FOR PUBLIC REGISTRATION!

18:00 Opening Presentation/Keynote
We will start with an opening presentation setting the stage for the upcoming discussions.

18:15 Presentation: Mission and Members by Marta Rautenschild
Get an insider’s perspective as Marta Rautenschild unveils the mission and introduces key members of GravityHUB.

18:35 Panel Discussion 1: Preparing your first investment round
#1 Liis Hiie | Trind Ventures,
#2 Ekaterina Shiian | Baltic Sand Box Ventures,
#3 Jana Budkovskaja | Beamline Accelerator.

Moderator – Imants Martinsons | Member of the board at Green Tech Cluster.

19:05 Networking Session
Engage in meaningful conversations, share insights, and build connections.

19:25 Presentation by Mikk Orglaan
Speedy project testing and snagging those initial investments

19:45 Panel Discussion 2: Startup and investor relationships. How not to Fu** them up?
#1 Artis Daugins | Blue Shock Race,
#2 Raimonds Jurģelis | Bruntor,
#3 Aldis Maldups | Attorney at Law

Moderator – Ernests Štāls | Chairman of the board of the TechChill startup conference.

20:25 Extended Networking Opportunity
Conclude the night with an extended networking session, offering more chances to connect and collaborate.

Location: Veca ostmala 40, Promenade Hotel, “Hika spīķeris”, 2nd floor.


Contact us

Contact us

Anete Grundberga
Green and Smart Technology Cluster
+371 27181535

Imants Martinsons
Green and Smart Technology Cluster
+371 26528678



The event is organized by the Green and Smart Technologies Cluster in cooperation with the Liepāja State City Municipality and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia. Co-financed by the European Union project “Digital Accelerator of Latvia”, DAoL, ID no. 101083718 and the European Union Recovery and Resilience Facility plan ID Nr.

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