O    P    E    R    A    T    I    O    N    A   L        F    I    E    L    D

Future Mobility

Transport and mobility are the backbone of a modern and efficient economy. In addition, the sector is expected to change significantly in the context of the European Commission’s Green Course. The mobility of the future is multimodal, dominated by green and smart technologies, from a variety of propulsion technologies and fuels to IoT and artificial intelligence.

Future Mobility is one of cluster’s operational fields that brings together mobility players, enabling them to operate more efficiently and achieve goals faster.

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D    E    V    E    L    O    P    M    E    N    T           V    I    S    I    O    N

Future Mobility Consortium

The mobility of the future will be a reality – the question is when, what will it be and whether we will be ready for it. The transition to a green economy will be a major challenge and a huge opportunity, especially in the transport and mobility sectors. The goal of the Future Mobility Consortium is to promote Latvia’s competence and opportunities in this sector by developing the national industry. The consortium brings together businesses, research organizations, public partners and public participation to promote new initiatives, exchanges of professional views and cross-sectoral cooperation. Transport and mobility are complex sectors and their successful development requires the interaction of all parties, a change of mindset and a sustainable and coordinated approach to the challenges.

Our goal is to strengthen Latvia’s position in the transport and mobility sector so that we are not a technologically inert country, but can offer innovations, as well as create new jobs and products with high added value in Latvia. The consortium is actively representing the views of the industry in order to enable positive reforms in the industry and gain public support for them. The long-term goal of the consortium is to promote work on the “Latvian Energy Reform Plan for Enabling Electromobility in Latvia”, which would ensure Latvia’s competitiveness and future mobility both in the European Union and globally, towards the 2030 climate goals and climate neutrality in 2050.



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Focus of attention

Education and Research

Circular Economy

IT and Digitization

F    U    T    U    R    E          M    O    B   I   L    I    T    Y’ S

Members and partners

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Blue Shock Race
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M    E    M    B    E    R


Call for participation in projects and initiatives organized by the cluster

Offering members to disseminate information about the company’s activities through its communication channels – website, social networking platforms, organized events or in person at the Green Tech HUB office, Liepāja, Strautu Street 4

Search for cooperation partners both in Latvia and international area

Use of cluster cooperation networks (Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 3B ICT Network, Green Alliance, Climate-KIC, etc.)

Use of cluster identity in visual materials and publications

Use of Green Tech HUB meeting rooms in Liepaja, Jelgava, Riga and Valmiera free of charge

Business development consulting – public and / or private financing, accounting and taxation, publicity, energy efficiency, sales and exports, etc.

Digital marketing services with 20% discount

Evaluation of energy costs in the company  (150.00 EUR) and implementation of energy reduction measures (300.00 EUR)

Preparation of applications for attracting public funding and implementation of the project with a 20% discount

Comprehensive service in labor protection with a 20% discount

Representation in working groups, committees, councils, etc. by prior agreement on remuneration

Identification of export partners and organization of partnership meetings with a 20% discount

Every month, the members of the cluster meet virtually to share experiences, be inspired by industry leaders, create new forms of cooperation, strengthen the community and learn about current fundraising programs.

Get in touch with us

Green Tech Cluster’s operational field Future Mobility manager

Imants Martinsons
E-mail: imants@greentechlatvia.eu
Phone: +371 26528678

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