The Latvian technological company EMPYRIO has developed a breakthrough technology for on-site sewage sludge disposal. The technology of the Riga-based startup may soon revolutionize the management of sewage sludge in thousands of small and medium-sized wastewater treatment plants worldwide. This success was made possible, among other things, thanks to support from Norway Grants.

Empyrio’s innovative technology is the answer to an urging problem of thousands of municipalities. Currently, small and medium-sized treatment plants, catering to populations ranging from 20,000 to 200,000 people, encounter considerable hurdles in disposing of sewage sludge. Empyrio’s solution, which entails a patented two-stage process involving drying and advanced thermal treatment,, , addresses this challenge effectively. By enabling on-site utilization of residuals at wastewater treatment plants, it eliminates the need for costly transportation and prevents soil contamination from sludge application on agricultural fields. The resulting ash, rich in phosphorus, can be repurposed across various industrial sectors.

„Our solution provides wastewater treatment plants with a highly advantageous alternative to the current options they are practically bound to. Our technology, that can be easily integrated into their existing infrastructure, enables them to achieve greater independence from external factors, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and long-term cost-effectiveness”, says Alexander Belskis, CEO of EMPYRIO.

Empyrio’s technology has gained the trust and support from EIT InnoEnergy venture fund and Norway Grants, allowing the company to build pilot plant in Jurmala, Latvia. Project No. NP-2022/16, titled “Prototype development of compact system for sewage sludge utilization,” was conducted in collaboration with the international partner Antec Biogas AS. This project was carried out under the Norway Grants’ small grant program “Development of Green Innovations and Information and Communication Technology Products,” emphasizing the goal of “Working together for a green, competitive, and inclusive Europe.” The total budget for the project amounted to EUR 274,275.00, with Norway Grants providing a grant of EUR 109,572.86 (47%) and state funding of EUR 19,336.39.


Empyrio is an innovative tech company based in Riga, Latvia, born in Commercialization Reactor – international science commercialisation platform and founded in 2018 by experienced managers and scientists who are passionate about sustainable technology. The company emerged in response to the challenges faced by smaller WWTPs in achieving effective, cost-efficient, and sustainable management of sewage sludge. The company is led by Alexander Belskis in the role of CEO.