Contract No:

Project deadline: 28 February 2022

The goal of the project:

Promote cooperation between enterprises, research, educational and other institutions. Raise company competitiveness, increase export amounts and create new products and innovations. Promote international cooperation, contribute to knowledge exchange, increase resource effectiveness and productivity of the goods, services, delivery or within the value chain. Realize various experience exchange and informative activities, so the participants could get the newest information about, for example, successful entry in international markets, best practices for increasing export amounts, available government support and other information.

Support within the project can be given to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, that have become members of the Cluster and whose goal is to begin or increase their export amounts. More about a determination of small, medium-sized enterprise status read here.

The project also includes active cooperation between enterprises, educational and research institutions, for example, providing the appropriate and qualified workforce, an attraction of investment, development of new products or services or development of existing ones. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) growth will be promoted not only by increasing turnover but also by the increase of knowledge and competence, for example, by creating new products and production launch, increasing the effectiveness of production process and customer-related services, expanding cooperation network and others. The goal of the Cluster is to ensure that SMEs are able to identify their growth possibilities and implement them through these activities. To SMEs international cooperation plays an important role not only in an increase of sales and turnover but also helps in production, certification and ensures fulfillment of other needs.

The most important specific support services are production efficiency activities, specific employee training and, of course, such export increasing activities like market research. Creation of product demonstration object and shareable technical space for research and development needs are also key factors.

Total project costs EUR 625 500.55, of which 80% is public support (ERAF funding).

The activity was implemented by the Green and Smart Technology Cluster, within the framework of the Cluster program (contract No.

SMEs involved
export volume growth rate
turnover growth rate
new joint products

* 2019 compared to 2018

Supported industries

Cluster target group is SMEs from green and smart technology industries. Following are main industries that can be supported by the project:

  • Woodworking
  • Mechanical engineering and metal processing
  • Electrical and optical equipment manufacturing
  • Light industry
  • Paper production and printing
  • Information and Communication Technologies

Additional industries:

  • Construction
  • Scientific research activities and engineering services
  • Other related sectors