Project name:

Knowledge transfer of Life Cycle Assessment and Footprint Analysis in Baltic Sea Region

Project summary

The “Knowledge transfer of Life Cycle Assessment and Footprint Analysis in Baltic Sea Region” project aims to increase the general public’s understanding about their impact on the environment and climate by increasing understanding of instruments like the life cycle assessment and footprint analysis methodology. With the climate targets set in the EU for 2030 and 2050, the green transition has to be supported within all key areas – industry, research, government and society. However, society and the public is the fundamental that builds industry, research and government later on. Therefore, the project aims to strengthen the green transition of our societies and work towards carbon neutrality and a sustainable circular and bio-based economy by giving society a better understanding on how to asses their impact, as well as the impact of businesses. Additionally, the project aims to identify how understanding on green transition relates in the Baltic Sea Region (Estonia, Latvia, Denmark) by comparing results of country activities in a joint summary to improve project dissemination.

Project activities

– Three (3) dedicated webinars for the general public held in local language (one per participating project country: one in Estonia, one in Latvia and one in Denmark)

– One (1) joint project partner meeting to establish coordinated work methodology for project and webinar implementation and same educational information about Life Cycle Assessment and Footprint Analysis

– One (1) joint webinar/public event in English promote Life Cycle Assessment and Footprint Analysis in the public on international level (Baltic Sea Region) and disseminate project results

Project target group

Main target audience is general public, specifically reaching out to young people.

Project partners

Green and Smart Technology Cluster – Latvia

Cleantech ForEst MTÜ  – Estonia

What if institute  – Denmark

Project duration:

01.09.2021. – 31.12.2021.

Project budget:

Total project budget – 15100, 00 EUR

Funding from Nordic Council of Ministers – 13100,00