1. Acquisition of new technical skills

People tend to invest a lot of money in traditional education. But doesn’t it sound great to learn a new technical skill for free? That’s what hackathon offers. If you think that hackathons were created for experts in a field, then we can safely say that it is not! Hackathon organizers will provide the necessary environment, tools and mentors to help you relax and encourage you to solve problems creatively.

2. Success and accomplishment feelings

Can you imagine participating in a hackathon with little or no knowledge of the technology and by the end of the event create a tangible prototype? Besides showing it in a room where there are people who have experienced an identical scenario? Can you imagine a sense of accomplishment? We have always been amazed by the shining eyes of ideas pitchers presenting their projects. Those feelings are worth every hour of sleep.

3. Improving communication skills

Success is not just about technical skills. Good results also require communication skills, such as effective teamwork and successful connection. Hackathon’s environment is an ideal place to acquire and improve these skills – you will have to interact with a lot of strangers in a relatively short period of time. Will you be able to identify the strengths of the team members and successfully divide the tasks? Either way You will have the chance to improve your communication skills both by working in a team and presenting the project idea and the final results.

4. A great addition to your CV

When reviewing your CV, you will not surprise prospective employers with the specified educational institution or work experience. It is important for them to find out more about your personality. Participating in hackathon can take your personal brand to the next level. Do you want to be a person who takes the initiative, learns and accepts challenges independently in the eyes of your future employer? Take part in the hackathon!

5. Networking

Networking is the essence of hackathon. There you will always find like-minded people and those who are ready to learn and collaborate. In addition, working intensively, team members will soon become friends and possibly partners of your next company after the hackathon. In hackathon, you will meet not only like-minded people but also powerful experts and mentors. You may find an investor or even a sponsor. Hackathon is where it all can happen and happens!

6. Paving the way for your future

The next big idea can come up in a hackathon, which later can become the basis of your company. With bunch it has already happened. What if you are the next?

7. Inspiration

The positive energy of hackathon is contagious. We guarantee that many new ideas and goals will stir up after the event. As well as being present at such an energetic event and the creative solutions of other participants will inspire and help you to look at your ideas from a different point of view.

8. Chance to win prizes

The knowledge you gain during a hackathon is one of the most important rewards, but it is certainly not all. Organisers always take care of valuable prizes, both the cash prizes and further development opportunities.

9. A fun adventure

Did You know that hackathon most certainly stands for fun? Yes, it’s a challenge, and yes, it can be difficult at some point, but we encourage you to enjoy every minute of the process. Surrounded by fantastic people, free meals, engaging activities, new technologies and mind constantly working on new ideas is definitely a great combination for a good time.