MASIT (ICT Chamber of Commerce) together with Green Tech Cluster and other Green ICT Development (GIVE) project partners organized the first B2B event what was held in Skopje, FYR Macedonia on 12-13 December 2018. The event was attended by companies and organizations from ICT, automotive and green tech sector. The main goal of the event was networking at the national and regional level between the companies from the three sectors.

The event was attended by 40 participants, coming from 25 different companies or organizations. Before the event 50 meetings requests were received from the registered participants, however, during the B2B session approximately 100 meetings were held. The members of the Cluster “InPass” Ltd and “VIZULO” Ltd participated in this event with the support of Green Tech Cluster. During the B2B event, the members of the cluster had the opportunity to expand their partner network, introduce others with their products and discuss
the development of the industry in Latvia and Europe.

More information about event:

The activity was implemented by the Green and Smart Technology Cluster, within the framework of the Cluster program (contract No.

Additional information

The Green and Smart Technology Cluster is a cross-industry organization that brings together businesses, education and research institutions as well as other organizations that partially or fully operate in the green and smart technologies sectors. The cluster now has more than 50 members. The cluster aims to promote cooperation between members, to raise the competitiveness of businesses, increase exports, create innovation and new products, as well as to promote international cooperation, promote the transfer of knowledge, to increase resource efficiency and productivity of a product, service, supply or value chain. The cluster also provides a range of experience and information events to ensure that its members and participants get the latest information on successful entry into foreign markets, examples of good practice in export promotion, available state aid, and other issues.

Aktivitāte tiek realizēta Biedrības “Zaļo un Viedo Tehnoloģiju Klasteris”, Klastera programmas ietvaros (Līguma Nr.