Following the successful and productive work of the first three workshops this year “LEAN and TOC thinking in a company” in Ventspils, several Cluster members expressed their willingness to participate in such workshops in Liepaja. This time ten productivity-raising workshops will be participated by members VIA-S houses, Kurzemes Mežsaimnieks, InPass, and RARE power.

The first workshop was held this year on September 27 and will be organized till May 2019. It will include interactive lessons with participants’ engagement, exchange of experiences and views, examples of good practice, group work, case studies and effective solutions with the practical use of a working plant.

The proposed workshop provides participants with extensive information about methods, tools, benefits, and challenges of economic thinking (LEAN). LEAN is a simple set of tools that enables you to generate more value by effectively using existing resources, by giving up the superfluous actions and arranging processes in order to do only what adds value.

The workshop will be led by an experienced expert Georgijs Buklovskis – the expert in production management, TOC (Limit theory) and LEAN implementation since 2005, has been managing the Brabantia Latvia plant. With over 20 years of experience in the establishment, development, and management of several international manufacturing companies. At present, he is Brabantia Group is Europe’s leading consultant and author of several books.

The activity was implemented by the Green and Smart Technology Cluster, within the framework of the Cluster program (contract No.

Additional information

The Green and Smart Technology Cluster is a cross-industry organization that brings together businesses, education and research institutions as well as other organizations that partially or fully operate in the green and smart technologies sectors. The cluster now has more than 50 members. The cluster aims to promote cooperation between members, to raise the competitiveness of businesses, increase exports, create innovation and new products, as well as to promote international cooperation, promote the transfer of knowledge, to increase resource efficiency and productivity of a product, service, supply or value chain. The cluster also provides a range of experience and information events to ensure that its members and participants get the latest information on successful entry into foreign markets, examples of good practice in export promotion, available state aid, and other issues.

Aktivitāte tiek realizēta Biedrības “Zaļo un Viedo Tehnoloģiju Klasteris”, Klastera programmas ietvaros (Līguma Nr.