Space technology hackathon “Act In Space” winners in Latvia – “Space Tree” was awarded the pass to “Act In Space” finals in France, Toulouse from 26th to 28 June 2018 within the “Toulouse Space Show” event. The trip to Toulouse was organized in cooperation with Green Tech Cluster.

“Act In Space” is the largest international contest dedicated to the space industry. The space technology hackathon/selections “Act In Space” took place simultaneously in 70 cities in 40 countries. The purpose of the competition is to develop business and build links between stakeholders in the space industry and the general public by identifying tasks that teams must take based on patents, software, data, or space infrastructure.

The idea of the “Space Tree” was simultaneously announced in both the Latvian and Estonian competitions; therefore, a combined Latvian-Estonian team composed of six people came to Toulouse: Nauris Dorbe, Karl Tõnissoo, Arvis Pērkons, Dana Pizāne, Kristīne Irtiševa, Denis Kovalenko.

To get to the final, “SpaceTree” had to demonstrate the potential and functionality of its ideas in competing with 500 other teams from around the world. Only five teams competed in the final, and “SpaceTree” was one of them. In the final, on the big stage, the Latvian-Estonian team received several praises from the jury, but the main prize, the flight with a zero-gravity aircraft was won by a team from Australia.

In addition to the invaluable experience of this world-class competition, the team also got the chance to visit the Toulouse Space Center, where you could see the first Ariane rocket in full size, satellites, and many other exhibitions. As well as during the competition, “SpaceTree” gained new admirers, such as competition winners from company Seiryu and valuable advice and consultancy from various companies in the space industry.

In the framework of Toulouse’s trip, the members of the Cluster “RD ALFA mikroelektronikas departaments” Ltd and Eventech Ltd, through the support of the Green Tech Cluster, were able to participate in the Toulouse Space Show event, get new partners, introduce new technologies and future plans developed by their companies, as well as discuss the development of the space industry in the world and in Latvia.

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The activity was implemented by the Green and Smart Technology Cluster, within the framework of the Cluster program (contract No.

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