Conditions for membership

Large merchants, educational and research institutions, business support organizations and municipalities are free from membership fees.

Joining, leaving and disqualification from Cluster

1. Persons, which are involved in green and clean technologies, which help to reduce the negative human impact on the planet, improve production efficiency and use of resources more efficiently, environmentally friendly materials and solutions, and electric mobility in the field of mechanical engineering, communications technology, space technology, energy efficient buildings and other industries as well as any other persons interested in achieving goals of Cluster, can become members by submitting a written application in a definite form. The application form and the list of documents to be attached are determined by the Clusters Board.

2. The decision on the admission of a member is made by the Board. The request must be considered at the closest Board meeting, but not later than within one month from the receipt of all necessary documents. The Board shall notify the applicant in writing of his / her admittance as a member.

3. If Board rejects the request to become a member, the applicant is not admitted as a member of the Cluster. The decision of the Board must be notified to the applicant in writing within 10 (ten) days from the date of the decision. The applicant may submit a repeated application to become a member no sooner than after one calendar year.

4. A member may at any time leave from the Cluster by notifying the Board in writing.

5. Member can be disqualified from Cluster by Board decision if:

5.1. a member engages in activities that are in conflict with the statutes of the Cluster and which are harmful to the work, aims, and reputation of the Cluster;
5.2. membership fees have not been paid to the extent and in the manner prescribed by the Board.

Membership payment order

1. Membership fee payment is made one time per year. Membership fees are not subject to VAT.

2. Accountant immediately informs the Board about members who have not paid the membership fee in a timely manner.

Membership fees

  • 1st year in Cluster – 1 € per month (12 € per year)
  • 2nd year in Cluster – 1 € per week (56 € per year)
  • 3rd year in Cluster and hereafter – 1 € per day (365 € per year)

Entry fee is not applicable.