We are proud to be awarded with the Bronze Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative!

The level of cluster maturity in Europe and their management quality is evaluated by granting a bronze, silver or golden certificate.

Only viable and actively operating clusters are certified, and their evaluation criteria – strict and exhaustive. This evaluation system is recognized by European Commission and other EU institutions as well as agencies. Clusters that do not have any certificate frequently are not considered as real clusters, but only as cluster initiatives.

While certified clusters are recognized and valued by international communities. Possession of certificates is taken into account when organizing matchmaking events, communicating and cooperating, selecting partners for international projects funded by EU. For example, when registering to currently the largest cluster collaboration platform The European Cluster Collaboration Platform, established by the initiative of European Commission, it is requested to indicate evaluation granted to the cluster – Bronze, Silver or Gold Label.



Currently, the biggest benefit provided by certification – international recognition and opportunity to find partners for international projects easier. However, due to increasing number of certified clusters in Lithuania and ongoing discussion with the Ministry of Economy as agencies administering EU support, clusters certified in the future will gain significant advantages also nationally, thus, when aspiring for EU investment means.

Source: http://www.lca.lt/certification/