Team Z-Triton have successfully raised pre-seed funding round, developed beta prototype of production model – Z-Triton 2.0 – amphibious e-camper and are ready to showcase both alpha and beta prototypes to European audience organizing demo / test-ride events in Geneva, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin.

As part of the tour Z-Triton will take part in a multidisciplinary exhibition called Open House in Geneva, Switzerland. This is an event that presents innovative or original forms of habitat through projects from the fields of art, architecture, design and humanitarian aid. It is structured around four sessions and the second one will be from September 23 – October 3 and will focus on the notion of flexibility and mobility of the habitat. This is exactly what Z-Triton addresses being a product that merges functions of a tricycle, boat and tiny house (camper).

Along with the exhibition Demo / test-ride events are planned in 4 major European cities – Geneva (October 2), Paris (October 5), Amsterdam (October 7) and Berlin (October 9). The chosen locations are a response to the regions where the most interest and paid pre-orders for this unique product are coming from. Information regarding the exact demo locations and timing will follow via our social media channels and e-mails to people who apply via the company website (

The tour is also a celebration of recently closed pre-seed funding round (150k EUR) with three angel investors onboard (Estonia, Latvia) and Mistletoe – Singapore based social impact community who have invested in 200+ impact startups around the globe who focus on sustainability and flourishing future of this planet.

Currently, the focus of team Z-Triton is to finish the production model, complete homologation and start shipping the product in 2022 to people who have reserved their units already (North American and Western Europe markets). As part of the tour the team will also explore potential locations of product rentals in various campsites and ecoresorts across Europe developing B2B partnerships.

Z-Triton is an amphibious e-tricycle camper that allows one to travel both over land and water. Equipped with electric bike and boat motors it’s an easy and perfect ride – either weekend getaway or longer expedition to explore the depths of nature and the beauty of our blue/green planet.

More info, photos and video about Z-Triton: