Now is the time, when so many different technical solutions, services and tips on how to reduce energy consumption in households are available, it is easy to get confused in various solutions for improving energy efficiency in buildings. Next three years with the help of an interactive platform and more than 40 workshops for households and real estate managers – energy community, an extensive campaign will take place in both Latvia and Estonia.

The project “Energy saving through “Smart Living” solutions” (Smart Living) and the campaign’s main goal is to raise public awareness about environmentally friendly lifestyle and smart use of energy resources in Latvia and Estonia. During the campaign, an online interactive tool for measuring and simulating energy efficiency will be created.

Ieva Vinniņa, Green-Tech Cluster, Energy efficiency center Lead Manager says:

“Interactive tool is a great way how to educate society about energy efficiency in an interesting way. We decided to create such tool as a part of this project, because society interest in energy efficiency has grown and now, they want to know something more, not only expert opinion about ways how to save energy. People want to verify the information they obtained in a practical way. The best way how to do it is to try these solutions out in your own home, but it can be very expensive, therefore with our tool users will be able to test desired energy efficient solutions in their interactive home and follow up to the changes in energy consumption. Our society is educated, but the efficient use of energy resources must become interesting and exciting!”

In the autumn of this year, it is planned to organize the first events for both – households and real estate managers from energy community. Interactive workshops in energy efficiency fields will focus on topics like lighting, heating systems, house thermal insulating, water consumption, passive buildings, electrical equipment, sun panels, the benefits from transitioning to renewable energy and other subjects.

In Latvia, events will take place in Liepāja, Ventspils, Kuldīga, Saldus, Valmiera, Gulbene, Valka, Madona and Alūksne.

Jānis Ikaunieks, Vidzeme Planning Region Energy efficiency manager:

“Buildings are responsible for at least 43,5% of energy consumption in end-use in Latvia, therefore it is crucial to raise awareness about environmentally friendly lifestyle and smart use of resources which include energy. One of the project innovations will be interactive tool which will be used to directly educate residents about different energy efficiency measures. Today’s large information space provides information on a variety of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions, but the ability to evaluate them quickly and easily will help citizens understand whether the solution is right for them.”

In Estonia workshops will be organized in Tartu, Põlva, Võru, Valga, Viljandi and Elva. Households and real estate managers of other cities and counties are also invited to participate in the events.

Martin Kikas, Tartu Regional Energy Agency (TREA) Director and Energy expert:

In general, people know quite a lot about saving of energy, but not always follow that. And sometimes there is still lack of knowledge, especially about new technology, like smart gadgets or smart equipment. The most used technologies are smart meters in electricity in households, and a reason is that it harvests an electricity consumption data automatically, and users/consumers event don’t know how much they use. Of course, there is the web based datastore, where every consumer can see the data consumed, history etc. Its most used solution. But even though most of consumers don’t log in to this database. Within this project we would like to make consumers smarter, that they know: where it comes from and where it goes the kWh consumed. After that understanding, the change in behavior will happen.”

The project “Energy saving through “Smart Living” solutions” is implemented in a framework of Interreg Estonia-Latvia Cross-Border Cooperation programme. Project aims to promote public awareness of environmentally friendly lifestyles and smart use of energy resources in Latvia and Estonia, combining the knowledge of both countries and the competence of partner organizations. In Latvia the project is implemented by the Green and Smart Technology Cluster and Vidzeme Planning Region, in Estonia – by the Tartu Regional Energy Agency.

For more information: Anete Zveja, Project Lead partner, “Green and Smart Technology Cluster” association, e-mail:, mob.  +371 27181535

Article prepared by: Baiba Šelkovska, Communication manager, Vidzeme Planning Region, e-mail:, mob. +371 28752793

This article reflects the views of the author. The managing authority of the programme is not liable for how this information may be used.