2504, 2019

B2B networking event “Digitalization in Production Processes”

Cluster Programme, Give|

Last week for two days from 16 to 17 April in Riga, RTU Design Factory, the Green-Tech Latvia cluster organized a networking event for companies and clusters. In total, [...]

104, 2019

B2B event “Digitalization in Production processes”


Integration of digital technologies into manufacturing can increase production capacity up to 20% and reduce cost and waste rapidly. There is no need to sacrifice quality for efficiency, as [...]

2503, 2019

21st March seminar – Healthy Indoor Climate

Cluster Programme|

Last week, on march 21st, we talked about indoor climate and how to make it healthy. Representatives of various companies and specialists in their fields shared both the theoretical [...]

2503, 2019

2 productivity workshops in Liepaja

Cluster Programme|

Last Thursday has been a very advantageous day and full of exciting events – not only a free seminar on a Healthy Indoor Climate was held, but also two [...]

803, 2019

2019 Summer Internship Opportunities for Students


Green and Smart Technology Cluster (Green-Tech Cluster) invites students to apply for summer internship! In the framework of the SpaceTEM project students can apply for paid summer internship, during [...]

403, 2019

Seminar about electric transport

Cluster Programme|

How to become more environment-friendly and save money while maintaining mobility? On February 28 a seminar about electrical transport was held at the Liepaja Energy Efficiency Center, where lecturers [...]