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Trip to Paris Space Week


Representatives of two Cluster members - RD Alfa Microelectronics and Eventech - attended one of the largest European Space Industry events "Paris Space Week 2019" in early April. The exhibition gathered more than 1,000 participants in one place, with nearly 10,000 meetings taking place. During this time, the representatives of companies also developed their competences, [...]

Trip to Paris Space Week2019-06-20T14:18:22+03:00

Seminar on energy audit 11.04.


On April 11, another successful and educational day was held at the Liepaja Energy Efficiency Center, where the 7th seminar of the free seminar cycle took place, this time on the Energy Audit. Energy audits, or building management and determining the degree of energy efficiency of energy use, are important for increasing energy efficiency. The [...]

Seminar on energy audit 11.04.2019-06-05T13:22:33+03:00

21st March seminar – Healthy Indoor Climate


Last week, on march 21st, we talked about indoor climate and how to make it healthy. Representatives of various companies and specialists in their fields shared both the theoretical knowledge of a healthy indoor climate and offered solutions and tips on how to create the right microclimate indoors. At the seminar RTU BIF Professor, LLU [...]

21st March seminar – Healthy Indoor Climate2019-03-26T17:11:08+03:00

2 productivity workshops in Liepaja


Last Thursday has been a very advantageous day and full of exciting events – not only a free seminar on a Healthy Indoor Climate was held, but also two workshops on productivity occurred. On March 21st, the seventh practical workshop on the implementation of LEEN principles for productivity was held. This time, the quality of [...]

2 productivity workshops in Liepaja2019-03-25T14:55:30+03:00

Seminar about electric transport


How to become more environment-friendly and save money while maintaining mobility? On February 28 a seminar about electrical transport was held at the Liepaja Energy Efficiency Center, where lecturers from different organizations explained and demonstrated the wide opportunities offered by electric transport. Artis Daugins, a member of the board of SIA Blue Shock Race, talked [...]

Seminar about electric transport2019-03-04T18:16:15+03:00

A seminar on Power Supply Solutions


On February 21, the newly opened Liepaja Energy Efficiency Center hosted a free seminar about Power Supply Solutions, where lectors from SIA “Energolukss” and SIA “Schneider Electric” talked about power supply and its news, electrical equipment and engines. A demonstration of products developed by those two companies was held. Jānis Prāmnieks, Head of Sales Marketing [...]

A seminar on Power Supply Solutions2019-02-25T19:21:03+03:00

Liepaja Energy Efficiency Center opening


On February 7, the first energy efficiency center in Kurzeme was opened - Liepaja Energy Efficiency Center. Its aim is to educate the public about the green energy production and rational use, as well as to promote energy-efficient products and solutions, including those produced in Liepaja. The Center's Show Hall, located on the 4th floor [...]

Liepaja Energy Efficiency Center opening2019-02-13T15:22:42+03:00

B2B event in Macedonia


MASIT (ICT Chamber of Commerce) together with Green Tech Cluster and other Green ICT Development (GIVE) project partners organized the first B2B event what was held in Skopje, FYR Macedonia on 12-13 December 2018. The event was attended by companies and organizations from ICT, automotive and green tech sector. The main goal of the event [...]

B2B event in Macedonia2019-02-01T15:01:08+03:00

Business networking event “Composite materials and what opportunities they create in our business”


Green-Tech Cluster invites you to Business Networking event about composite materials. The event will take place in Liepaja on November 30th at Coworking Liepaja (24 Veca Ostmala, 4th floor, Liepaja). The main speakers will be the Latvian specialists and researchers: Genadijs Sahmenko, from the Institute of Materials and Construction Prof. Andris Zicans from the Polymeric [...]

Business networking event “Composite materials and what opportunities they create in our business”2018-11-26T17:29:14+03:00

IT Waffle MeetUp


"IT Waffle MeetUp" events organized by Green Tech Cluster in cooperation with Coworking Liepaja and the author of the event's idea - Agate Ambulte have become a monthly tradition. The purpose of this event is to encourage IT industry members to share their experience in a completely informal and relaxed atmosphere by eating organizers' self-made [...]

IT Waffle MeetUp2018-09-09T11:23:58+03:00