On 7 th of June not only the Copernicus environment solution hackathon  occured (read more here), but also the free seminar on  energy efficiency in the construction and renovation of private houses at the Liepaja Energy Efficiency Center was held. The workshop gathered more than 50 participants, becoming one of the most visited events in the free seminar cycle organized by the Green-Tech Cluster in cooperation with Elektrum. It was also the last seminar this summer and new workshops are scheduled to resume in the autumn.

Kārlis Balgalvis,chairman of the board of Ltd. “UPB Nams” , gave an insight into the construction of the Valdorfs school sports hall, and talked about energy, construction planning processes and other topics.

Jānis Bērziņš, architect of “ARCHE” Ltd. told about the principles of passive house design principles, while Andris Vulāns, engineer of “Būvfizika” Ltd. talked about the practical aspects of achieving high energy efficiency of buildings.

Kārlis Platacis, a specialist of “Evas Sistēmas” Ltd., told about pragmatic and economically justified building heating, ventilation and cooling (AVK) solutions. “Pragmatic, inexpensive construction and operation of AVK solutions requires in-depth, accurate and time-consuming development,” says Platacis, so it is necessary to clearly define what is needed, collect the necessary information and select a team with experience and success in the industry.

Toms Lācis, JSC “Latvenergo” Energy Efficiency Project Manager, talked about various energy efficiency solutions for housing offered by Elektrum, such as Elektrum Smart House, Elektrum Solar and Elektrum LED. T. Lācis recommends keeping up with the changes and adapting to new situations, especially when it comes to the energy efficiency of buildings.

The activity was implemented by the Green and Smart Technology Cluster, within the framework of the Cluster program (contract No.