The Green-Tech Cluster offered its members to improve their knowledge of LEAN and TOC methods, project management and effective sales. In total, 8 companies participated in 3 workshops organized by Cluster, the first of which began in September 2018 and last ended in April this year.

Workshops on LEAN and TOC thinking in the company were launched on September 27, 2018. In total, 4 companies participated in 10 productivity improvement workshops: SIA “VIA-S houses”, SIA “Kurzemes Mežsaimnieks”, SIA “InPass” and SIA “RARE power”. Participants took part in interactive lessons with participants’ involvement, exchange of experiences and opinions, and heard examples of good practice. The participants also analyzed different situations and worked in groups. More about these workshops here !

In project management workshops, which lasted 2 days – 21 and 28 March, the participants were introduced to various project management techniques, as well as heard the personal experience of the workshop lecturer in managing different levels of projects. Workshops were led by Jūlija Grīnberga, Head of the company Citrus Solutions Ltd. and representatives of  “Liepājas papirs”, “RARE power”  and “VIA-S houses” participated.

Effective sales workshops, led by lecturer Valters Gražulis – Head of Win Partners ,  were attended by representatives of “Liepājas papīrs”, “Aspired”, “Hydraulik Bauteile Baltic”, “Boards Unlimited” and “VIA-S houses” . Participants heard practical advice on selling and communicating with customers focused on product marketing. Workshops for effective sales took place on April 11 and 17.

The activity was implemented by the Green and Smart Technology Cluster, within the framework of the Cluster program (contract No.

Additional information

The Green Tech Cluster is a cross-industry organization that brings together businesses, education and research institutions as well as other organizations that partially or fully operate in the green and smart technologies sectors. The cluster now has more than 50 members. The cluster aims to promote cooperation between members, to raise the competitiveness of businesses, increase exports, create innovation and new products, as well as to promote international cooperation, promote the transfer of knowledge, to increase resource efficiency and productivity of a product, service, supply or value chain. The cluster also provides a range of experience and information events to ensure that its members and participants get the latest information on successful entry into foreign markets, examples of good practice in export promotion, available state aid, and other issues.