ICT sector in Liepaja recently is growing rapidly – the IT giant Accenture and Latvia’s quiet success story TestDevLab are entering the city, and consequently also all the consequences: a competition to hire employees, a need to attract specialists, an ability of Liepaja’s educational institutions to prepare specialists etc.

Therefore, on March 29 11:00 Green Tech Cluster organized a meeting of the ICT industry to talk about the current situation, desires, and needs of the companies working in this sector, as well as highlight the city’s potential to develop towards the “ICT city”.

Participants worked on a list of desires, needs, and suggestions from companies in the ICT sector in order to address suggestions to the city council of Liepaja on how to set up Liepaja as a technology-based business city by the year 2020. Some of the topics discussed were about:

  • attraction of the workforce and qualified specialists
  • preparation of appropriate curricula not only at secondary and university level but also at the earliest stages of the age. Also, the opportunity to join specific after-class lessons
  • lack of information and data on the ICT sector
  • creating an image of the ICT industry
  • and others

The Cluster Manager Rolita Vaidila says: “At the moment, the summary of the ICT meeting is being prepared. Various conclusions have been made, but a deeper analysis, consultation, etc. need to be made, we should do a homework to get a better understanding of the ICT industry in Liepaja. It is a pleasure to see that, thanks to Cluster, the ICT industry finally managed to get together. The event was really successful, discussions were successfully arranged. Participants were really responsive. The event was joined also by educational organizations as Liepaja University, Liepaja Valsts Tehnikums and Liepaja Branch of the RTU. The event was attended not only by local companies but also representatives from Riga, whose companies operate in Liepaja. I can certainly add that the companies operating in this sector in Liepaja are much more than we think. “

Pasākumu moderēja LSEZ Biznesa attīstības un mārketinga daļas vadītājs Gatis Ginters, kas plašāk pazīstams kā nu jau bijušais LIAA pārstāvniecības vadītājs Norvēģijā un ar savu pieredzi dalījās Accenture Latvia pārstāve Sandra Linaberga.

The event was moderated by Gatis Ginters, the head of the LSEZ Business Development and Marketing Department, more widely known as the former representative of LIDA in Norway, and also Accenture Latvia representative Sandra Linaberga shared her experience.

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